From webinar to crisis busting teams

Thank you for joining our Avoiding missteps of a crisis webinar. In support of your business’ success, we have curated a few resources to help you continue growing your team and business by growing others.

Times of immense change increase the need for leadership. Businesses are facing constant pressure from digitalization, changing business models, and now, new ways of working. All while trying to navigate through the global pandemic. Mastering soft skills to lead people, teams and your business is more critical than ever. Companies that empower employees to learn through crises and build skills will win.

Self-awareness improves working relationships

Five Super Trait Personality Profile (5 STeP™)

Leadership is a two-way street. While leaders must provide the direction, employees need to know themselves to better contribute their best when working with others.

Personality profiles support individual self-awareness and empower your colleagues’ ability to articulate our needs and preferences.

Build psychological safety with the 5 STeP™

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Personality strengths can cause shadows

Pressure Point Profile™  (P3)

Strong personality characteristics may also become our default ways of working under stress. Without self-awareness of their extreme “go to behaviors”, colleagues can unintentionally carry this stress into working relationships.

The Pressure Point Profile™ identifies individual’s extreme characteristics to help them get a sense of which tendencies may negatively impact others and their effectiveness in teams. Aware of their extremes, individuals can develop strategies to mitigate unintended negative effects and collaborate at the top of their game.

Help talent manage potential derailers

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Other personality related insights for business owners

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