Learning expertise for faculty

Business education is in our DNA

We work with world-class business schools and understand the range of faculty pressures. So, we build our tools with faculty in mind. Our flexible designs make them adaptable to your needs and put you in control of the learning journey you design. All our tools contain:

  • Teaching notes and references
  • Multilevel comparisons for insights
  • Research data options
TalentSage coach

Tech-enabled learning

Bringing your insights to others

Technology makes it easy to create evidence-based learning experiences.

Flexible learning tools

We understand the way you design and collect data matters. So, we have built flexibility into our surveys, reports, and learning process tools to help your students get the insights you know they need. We help you:

  • Get the most from our evidence-based designs
  • Select the questions and question types to meet your needs
  • Adjust the process to meet your pedagogical designs

Data & insights for your classes

Use TalentSage tools on their own or supplement your content with ours. Our faculty notes suggest learning designs and provide the following items, but leave choices up to you.

  • Scholarly-based tools to generate data & insights
  • Individual & cohort level results
  • Ready-to-use charts

Custom tool development

We make it easy to create evidence-based learning experiences. Some of our partners like it so much that they ask us to help them create tools to use and provide to others. Each of our tools:

  • Automates the collection and analysis process
  • Manages GDPR requirements
  • Gives you control over timing, access and process

Anonymized data for research

We get maximum response rates and work with your IRB to meet institutional guidelines. Our cloud-based design helps us deliver globally at scale, while ensuring GDPR compliance. We help academic partners:

  • Develop and run custom research questionnaires
  • Capture, clean and use anonymized data for research
  • Design surveys for multidevice use with students

Faculty success stories

We can do great things together!

We go to great lengths to ensure our academic partner’s success while helping them deliver insightful learning experiences.

We’d like to help you accelerate your research success while helping more students achieve their potential.

Want proof?

Find out more about how we support our faculty partners’ evidence-based teaching and research success.

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