Development tools to grow your business

Want an end-to-end, easy-to-use soft skills development platform that increases your client impact and helps grow your business? Our individual, team, and organizational tools provide a full range of joined-up, evidence-based development solutions via the Cloud. Let us help you:

  • Harness the power of data-driven development
  • Scale learning experiences to your project
  • Stop worrying about GDPR management
TalentSage Coaching

Expand your opportunities

Design, delivery & growth

Let us know what you need and we’ll help find the right solution.

Scale your coaching business

Build your business by expanding your reach, capacity and network with our personalized and scalable solutions.  

  • Help clients see the bigger picture at individual, group and firm level
  • Reduce admin time to spend more on the parts you love
  • Broaden your network and business development opportunities

Strengthen your existing client relationships

Delight your clients by bringing new insights and fresh activities to help achieve their strategic talent development objectives. 

  • Use the range of tools to bring new insights to clients
  • Use our joined-up tools to save client time while linking insights
  • Build credibility through accreditation in as many tools as you like

Join a community

To ensure you continue to discover new insights, we invite you to join a community to share with and learn from others. To get the most you’ll be able to:

  • Access our coaching resources to refresh your insights
  • Share debriefing ideas, experiences and impact with other coaches
  • Get preferred partner benefits and volume rates

Outsource logistics & set-up

Our tools are designed to make data accessible and easy-to-use. Use one or as many tools as you need to develop critical insights your clients need. Leverage our:

  • Turn-key, hands-free set-up and delivery process
  • Automated communications help you focus on your client, not admin
  • 24-hour user support service for supporting your clients and yourself

Coach success stories

We can do great things together!

We go to great lengths to ensure our coaches’ success while helping them invest in deliberate development for clients and growing their business.

We’d like to help you create your own success and help more people achieve their potential.

Want proof?

Find out more about how we support our coaches’ evidence-based development success.

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