Tech-enabled experiences

Skills development to suit your program

Want a turn-key, easy-to-use approach for soft skills development that supports the program experience? Our individual, team, and organizational tools deliver evidence-based solutions via the Cloud. Let us help you:

  • Eliminate hands-on delivery requirements
  • Promote evidence-based learning
  • Scale learning experiences globally

Extend your capabilities

Advice, design & content delivery

Let us know what you need and we’ll help find the right solution.

Learning design expertise

Use our experienced professionals and learning PhD’s to round out your program needs on a program-by-program basis. We design:

  • Competency frameworks
  • 360º surveys
  • Learning experiences

Support degree & exec ed

Our tools are designed to work with your current programs. Use the tools you need to create the range of insights needed. Use our tools to:

  • Make surveys efficient and cost-effective
  • Simplify personality profiles
  • Optimize pre-course and follow-up opportunities

Deliver new learning modules

We work with MBAs and Executive MBAs around the globe. Add new data-driven content to your programs with workshops, webinars and courses delivered by our:

  • Faculty
  • Coaches
  • Moderators

Scale teaching capacity

Our professionals work with your organization’s content, context and pedagogical approach. Cost-effectively stretch your delivery capacity with our:

  • Coach network
  • Online moderators
  • Faculty & SMEs


Streamlined experience

Extra steps cost time and money. We help business schools by creating modern, cost-effective learning experiences and delivery processes with our:

  • Range of tools available on a single platform
  • Intuitive interface for all stakeholders
  • Simplified data collection & distribution

Tailored learning tools

Obviously, content is key, but look & feel means “they know me, us”. That’s why we make it easy and affordable to create unique branded tools for your programs and clients.

  • Brand the platform & communications
  • Use your own or your client’s 360º questions
  • Tailor the process & reports

Business school success stories

We can do great things together!

We go to great lengths to ensure our client’s success while helping them invest in deliberate development for everyone.

We’d like to help you create your own success and help others achieve their potential.


Want proof?

Find out more about how we support our business school partners’ evidence-based learning delivery success.

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