Custom program for large Middle East oil company

Enabling culture change for a global services business

To ensure the top team was prepared for a large restructuring, the client wanted to develop leadership capabilities among the top team to accelerate leadership skill development and culture change.

The project involved developing a multi-level competency framework, designing a custom 360º survey and conducting psychometric profiles with the top team. In addition, we designed and delivered a leadership development course for the top leadership team. Each delegate received individual debriefing, coaching and action plan development sessions.



  • Develop a strategically aligned leadership capability framework for the top team
  • Build leadership capabilities among the top team to accelerate culture change
  • Advise on development planning to activate the skills
  • Build a foundation of deliberate development habits


  • Reviewed key competencies required by the strategic transformation
  • Developed multi-level leadership competency framework and 360º survey
  • Conducted 360º survey and psychometric profiles
  • Designed & delivered leadership course for top team
  • Conducted group and individual coaching sessions


  • All participants developed plans for self-directed leadership development
  • All experienced improved leadership capabilities
  • Ten percent of participants promoted within 12 months based on program accomplishments
  • The leadership team was prepared for strategic transformation
  • Based on the success of the program, the client asked TalentSage to develop a culture change program

Business school degree programs

Digitized degree programs pre-Covid-19

The degree program of a prominent business school was facing a pending problem with its historical survey distribution process and new GDPR regulations. The degree programs office had been spending significant money to manually process a complex, paper-driven 360º process. The school needed to assess the exposure, rectify the process, and train all program and learning delivery teams on the new process.

Having assessed the potential delivery challenges for online and global delivery, we collaborated with the business school to transform its heavily manual process into a fully digitized, virtual one for over 1,200 people.

TalentSage Organization performance skills development


  • A range of tools needed to be streamlined
  • The school wanted a branded, easy-to-use learning experience platform
  • Courses needed custom 360º and personality tools delivered to students from > 100 countries
  • Processes and security needed to be streamlined
  • Onboarding and training for delivery teams, coaches & faculty as required


  • Convert a manual process into a digital one to help future-proof the School
  • Redesign processes to remove excess touchpoints
  • Eliminate unnecessary daily tasks and overtime
  • Train and equip delivery team and coaches with required knowledge and skills
  • Streamline delivery model to enable faculty, coaches, and team to focus on learning


  • Implemented GDPR designed system while enhancing the quality of student and staff experience
  • Reduced program administration workload by 100 person-days
  • Cut data touchpoints from 11 to 1
  • Simplified learning experience for 1,200 students, annually
  • Improved completion rates to 98%

Board effectiveness research for UK financial regulator

Impact of diversity on UK boards

The UK made significant improvements in its board diversity, but regulatory bodies wanted to understand the real impact of the changes. The financial regulator joined forces with a leading leadership institute to study and report the findings from interviews with 30 boards on the effect of diversity on board performance.

Due to the Covid-19, the planned in-person interviews were replaced by the Board Effectiveness Profile online tool. In addition to using the tool for remote assessment, the client required additional delivery services and interview support to conduct the important study.

TalentSage Focus Research


  • Due to Covid-19 the project had to convert the face-to-face research protocol into a virtual one 
  • Interviews were conducted with 90 Board members from 30 FTSE 350 organizations
  • The tool was used to capture and analyze relative perceptions of board member behavior


  • Replace the in-person, manual process with our proprietary, online Board Effectiveness Profile 
  • Work with the interviewer panel and research team to convert face-to-face protocol into a virtual one
  • Board Effectiveness Profile is enabling, capturing and providing data to the research team for coding, analysis, and insights


  • Flagship research project continues despite Covid-19 impact
  • Creation of the single largest collection of board practices from listed global companies will become regulators benchmark
  • Evidence-based insights will be analyzed and published for public consumption

Enabling deeper coaching for UK NHS leaders

Powering high-performance coaching

The UK health system is going through difficult times due to the  Covid-19 pandemic. In addition to all front-line employees, leaders from the range of health services organizations are finding themselves under more pressure than ever from external stakeholders.

In light of the range of challenges and uncertainty, the top team of a UK health care provider wanted to enhance its performance and ensure the team was prepared for the tough challenges ahead.

TalentSage Feedback coaching


  • Quickly enhance the group’s performance skills during an extremely pressured time
  • Understand the range of personal and group perceptions on the group’s observed behaviors
  • Identify individual and group insights and behavioral patterns
  • Enable an executive coach to help assess, advise and activate the team’s development


  • Selected the best set of tools to help the team develop self-awareness, team role preferences and group dynamics
  • Train and accredit the coach on the relevant tools
  • Identify individual and group insights and behavioral links between the surveys and profiles
  • Remotely deliver the surveys and adjust the planned process to adapt to market situations


  • Helped the coach successfully understand, work with and gain strong confidence in the tool and own skills
  • Identified key individual and group insights for group work
  • Developed individual and group level action plans
  • Group is planning its preferred ways of working to achieve its high-performance ambitions