As a coach, you are a key part of our leadership skill development ecosystem. As a responsible development provider, we extend use of our tools to 2 types of coaches, Partner and Accredited, for their own work. All coaches need to register with TalentSage to use our platform for their own work.


Partner Coach – Reserved exclusively for coaches who work with our academic partners and regularly use our diagnostic tools. As a Partner Coach you receive preferential rates and access to report materials to enhance your practice. If you aren’t already registered, simply complete the short form below and gain access to these benefits!


Accredited Coach – Available for those with coaching qualifications who have successfully completed all parts of our 2 step accreditation process. Accredited Coach status unlocks a wider range of coaching materials to enhance your practice and even more exclusive preferential rates. In addition, you get 4 complimentary uses of our 5 STeP report for use with your own clients. So, if you aren’t already accredited, why not get accredited with us?

To register, simply complete the short form below to confirm your details and we will provide you with the TalentSage credentials and certificates you need to receive preferential rates for buying Surveys, Reports and Packages available on our online Coach Store.