The Team Player Amplifier

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The Team Player Amplifier offers the vital components to enhance your coachee’s team working skills. This package empowers individuals to enhance contributions to face-to-face and virtual teams, heightening their leadership impact by maximising their collective potential with their teams. It also helps them understand their own preferences when they interacting with others, helping them to build stronger relationships and allowing them to work together more effectively.

Two science based personality assessments are included which offer practical learning for focussed development.

What is in the Team Player Amplifier?

The two reports are derived from taking one Big 5 survey, they are:

The 5 STeP™ identifies how your coachees like to work, behave and react to others. It helps your coachees understand their feelings and emotions, how they deal with them, and how they approach problems at work.  Leaders can be more deliberate in their interactions with others in order to improve their success in the workplace.

The TIPping Point™ personality is an indicator of team role preferences, team contributions and team performance. It helps individuals understand their preferred team roles and how their personality drives their ways of working in groups and teams.  It allows individuals to contribute more successfully to a team and its objectives.

Key features

  • Uses same Big 5 survey for both reports
  • Suggests both positive and challenges for behavioral traits
  • Matches an individual’s personality preferences to team roles
  • Describes a persons preference for drivers of team performance
  • Adjusts for nationality and gender
  • Provides a global peer norming database
  • Offers cohort results and chart for debriefing

Why is the Team Player Amplifier important?

  • Helps leaders understand themselves and others
  • Explains individuals’ everyday actions and behaviors towards others
  • Establishes a foundation for interpersonal dynamics
  • Articulates people’s behavioral similarities and differences
  • Facilitates employee and leader development
  • Provides rich input into coaching and development conversations
  • Feeds into an individual’s personal development plan
  • Aids individuals in understanding their different team role contributions
  • Helps distinguish performance-critical team contributions from development ones
  • Gives team leaders insights into team task-capability balance

Note: The TalentSage tools are not suitable for performance appraisals as they are not designed to measure current performance but are designed to support your coachees in planning for professional development and growth to reach their (leadership) aspirations.