The Leadership Accelerator Package

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The Leadership Accelerator offers vital components to enhance leadership development. This package empowers individuals to heighten their leadership impact with two science based personality assessments which offer practical learning for focussed development.

The Leadership Accelerator is a bundle of two reports from taking the Big 5 survey. It provides participants with data and knowledge about themselves to be more effective leaders. It offers insights in a valuable way to develop what is needed to succeed in a leadership role and gain a competitive edge.

The two reports are derived from taking one Big 5 survey, they are:

 The 5 STeP™ identifies how your coachees like to work, behave and react to others. It helps your coachees understand their feelings and emotions, how they deal with them, and how they approach problems at work.  Leaders can be more deliberate in their interactions with others in order to improve their success in the workplace.

The Pressure Point™ identifies strengths that can become problematic when an individual finds themselves in uncertain situations or under extreme pressure. Identify their extreme characteristics in order to understand which behaviors may negatively impact others.  They then can formulate coping strategies to improve working relationships.

Key features

  • Uses same Big 5 survey for both reports
  • Suggests both positive and challenges for behavioral traits
  • Describes potential implications of extreme preferences under stress
  • Offers strategies for managing behavioral downsides
  • Adjusts for nationality and gender
  • Provides a global peer norming database
  • Offers cohort results and chart for debriefing

Why is the Leadership Accelerator useful?

  • Helps leaders understand themselves and others
  • Explains individuals’ everyday actions and behaviors towards others
  • Helps individuals understand their traits that can be problematic in times of stress
  • Demystifies some of the reasons people feel misunderstood
  • Offers strategies for self-management in turbulent times
  • Allows people to recognize performance risks before they become an issue
  • Provides a starting point for richer coaching and development conversations
  • Provides rich input into coaching and development conversations
  • Feeds into an individual’s personal development plan.

Note: The TalentSage tools are not suitable for performance appraisals as they are not designed to measure current performance but are designed to support your coachees in planning for professional development and growth to reach their (leadership) aspirations.