What is the 5 STeP™?

The 5 STeP™ Profile is a personality profile that provides a comprehensive and detailed description of an adult’s personality based on the Five Factor Model of personality, the most scientifically backed personality profile instrument in the world. Our 5 STeP™ provides a powerful taxonomy for understanding and describing an individual’s default behavioral characteristics. The 5 STeP™ Profile can help your leaders develop self-awareness and gain insights into their behavioral drivers.

With half the statements found in other scientific profiles, individuals receive a detailed report to help them understand the unique set of personality traits and explain some of their personal preferences. Armed with these insights, leaders can be more deliberate in their interactions with others in order to improve their success in the workplace.

Open a sample report in a new tab.

TalentSage Five Super Trait Personality Profile

Key features

  • Suggests both positive and challenges for each behavioral trait
  • Adjusts for nationality and gender
  • Provides a global peer norming database
  • Offers cohort results and chart for debriefing

Why is the 5 STeP™ useful?

  • Helps leaders understand themselves and others
  • Explains individuals’ everyday actions and behaviors towards others
  • Establishes a foundation for interpersonal dynamics
  • Articulates people’s behavioral similarities and differences
  • Facilitates employee and leader development
  • Provides rich input into coaching and development conversations
  • Feeds into an individual’s personal development plan

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