What are personal values?

Personal values are the beliefs that people hold as most important to the way they live and work. They are a central part of who a person is and who they want to become. They are fairly stable but can change as a person moves through life’s stages. A person’s values should determine their priorities and are often used to evaluate if the person feels they are living well or not.

When things are aligned with one’s personal values, things seem good. But when things aren’t aligned, things can seem wrong. Research shows that alignment between one’s personal values and one’s organizational values is key to feeling engaged and energized at work. This is called person-organization fit.

What is our Values Fit Profile™?

This is a profile report that measures an individual’s personal values and the degree in which they are held, the impact that has on their motivation, and ultimately their success and fit in an organization.

Key features

  • Individuals choose between 40 “backstop” values by selecting one of two statements
  • Presents the individual’s results relative to others in the same cohort
  • Uses a scientifically-rigorous method to analyze the person’s value preferences
  • Describes the person’s value preferences and key descriptions of motivations

Why is the VFP™ useful?

  • Helps individuals articulate what is important to them
  • Allows individuals to compare their personal values with others
  • Supports leaders’ and team members’ understanding of the ways their team works
  • Calibrates their relative views with others in the team
  • Evaluates if current performance aligns with desired performance

Other tools

The Values Fit Profile™ helps individuals identify which values are most important to them through a selection process. These beliefs form part of a complete picture of an individual and what drives their behaviors and happiness in their work. Two other tools, the 5 STeP™ and the Pressure Point™, round out this picture describing the basic personality and potential blind spots a person may carry with them into their work. The reports are derived from a different survey but can be purchased at a favorable price as a leadership development package.