What is a personality profile?

A personality profile is a set of specific statements designed to describe an individual’s behavioral preferences. In other words, it identifies the ways a person likes to work, behave and react to others. However, personality profiles do not define a person’s abilities, nor should they be used to categorize individuals or their potential.

Personality profiles are useful development tools for helping individuals understand how they see themselves and relate to others. Personality profiles help individuals understand their feelings and emotions, how they deal with them, and how they approach problems. Understanding personality underpins self-awareness and emotional intelligence.

What is the Mini 5™?

The Mini 5™ is a quick personality reference survey trimmed down to 10 questions. Due to its limited questions, the Mini 5™ focuses on Super Traits and does not include sub-traits. Although small in its number of questions, it’s relatively big on validity because it’s also based on the most scientifically backed personality profile instrument in the world, the Five Factor Model.

If there isn’t enough time or budget for the full 5 STeP™ or the person has already done another personality profile, our Mini 5™ provides a quick way to incorporate an individual’s default behavioral characteristics into her/his overall leadership feedback.

Key features

  • Only 10 questions, but still scientifically valid
  • Provides a low-cost introduction to personality traits
  • Offers individual report instantly
  • Provides cohort results and chart for debriefing groups



  • Jump-starts conversations on personality
  • Provides a meaningful data point for self-awareness
  • Helps individuals understand their behaviors and impact on others
  • Supports development needs for personal growth in work

Other tools for individual development

If you are interested in this but want a bit more, it might be worth considering a few other development tools in lieu of or in addition to the Mini 5 profile™.