What is a 360º survey?

The 360º feedback tool is one of the most universally used feedback surveys. It is a person-centric, multi-rater survey that gathers anonymous feedback about a person from people who work closely with them. Typically, the survey contains questions based on a leadership or competency framework. The person nominates individuals and asks for their feedback on how well (s)he demonstrates the behaviors that exemplify the competency questions. Traditionally, a person requests feedback from her/his line manager, peers, direct reports (in the case of managers), other colleagues, and maybe even clients or other key stakeholders.

Although organizations and individuals can use 360º surveys in different ways, research shows 360º surveys are most useful and reliable when the person (the subject of the feedback) controls access to the feedback and it is used for the person’s development purposes, not for performance management.

What is the Classic 360º™?

Our Classic 360º™ survey is a fully automated multi-rater leadership skill feedback survey that allows a person to invite others to comment on her/his performance and leadership behaviors at work. Questions are based on an established set of leadership competencies used in leading business schools. We only advocate using these for leadership development purposes.

Our Classic 360º™ survey incorporates a general set of leadership competencies and useful question types designed by our talent development experts to create the basis for a meaningful coaching conversation to help your leaders develop and grow. The survey seeks both quantitative and qualitative data from the person’s line manager, peers, direct reports, and other stakeholders.

Administrators can follow their group’s progress with an online dashboard to ensure their participants are on track. We handle the branding, reminder set-up, user set-up, send logins, send reminders, track progress, and provide comprehensive online and offline support.

Key Features

  • Qualitative and quantitative questions
  • Competency ranking to identify organizational importance
  • Mini organizational culture profile for working context
  • Results flags to highlight leadership blind spots

Why is the Classic 360º useful?

  • Identifies key strengths & development opportunities
  • Provides rich input for coaching and development
  • Creates a data-driven basis personal development planning

Other tools

Feedback from other colleagues helps a person understand her/his behavioral impact on others. It can also inform individuals’ understanding of their strengths and opportunities for development. The 360º process is best when tailored to an organization’s strategic capabilities. Traditional or new positive approaches are available.