Self-awareness improves working relationships

Five Super Trait Personality Profile (5 STeP™)

Leadership is a two-way street. While leaders must provide the direction, they also need to know themselves to better lead others.

Personality profiles help you build your self-awareness and enable you to lead by developing a deeper understanding of your impact on colleagues.

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From webinar to leading teams to success

Thank you for joining our nextGEN Founders session. In this session Randall will talk about the qualities people want in a leader and how a CEO/Founder must balance personality and the organization’s goals in shaping company culture.

This is an opportunity for you to compare how your profile matches with other CEOs (including those from LifeScience ORG) – the results may surprise you!

Take the 5 STeP to learn more about how interpersonal skills differentiate those who have analytical skills from those who really lead others.

Personality strengths can cause leadership shadows

Pressure Point Profile™  (P3)

Strong personality characteristics may also become our default ways of working under stress. Without self-awareness of their extreme “go to behaviors”, colleagues can unintentionally carry this stress into working relationships.

The Pressure Point Profile™ identifies individual’s extreme characteristics to help them get a sense of which tendencies may negatively impact others and their effectiveness in teams. Aware of their extremes, individuals can develop strategies to mitigate unintended negative effects and collaborate at the top of their game.

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