From webinar to organizational success

Thank you for joining our Board Dynamics webinar. In support of your board’s success, we have curated a few resources to help you enable collaboration within your board and your organization.

Organizational strategy, people, process and culture working in harmony is the key to the organization’s success and the job of the board. The board cultivates a winning culture by leading through example and ensuring accountability based on core values.

Values alignment is key to a healthy organization

Values Fit Profile™  (VFP)

Values drive individuals’ behaviors. Organizational values clarify expectations of how work gets in the organization. Individuals are at their best when their individual values fit with their organization’s.

The Values Fit Profile™ helps individuals distill their personal motivations and cultural drivers into a framework to understand their personal drivers as well as trade-offs they make in work. By understanding their own behavioral drivers, individuals are better equipped to improve their decisions, understand others’ decisions, accomplish tasks and improve interactions with others.

Increase performance with values alignment

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Organizational harmony depends on culture

An organization’s culture exists whether it was intended or not. The question is, will the one you have help accomplish what you need it to?

The Organizational Culture Map™ (OCM) captures individual experiences to hep you determine if your organization’s culture creates the conditions for collaboration or not.  Compare your organization’s cuture with others to identify any necessary adjustments.

Align your organization's culture with OCM™

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Board performance depends on healthy practices

A board is a collection of individuals who must work together while remaining independent. Aligning individuals effectively requires data, practice and continual effort. So how can a board take responsibility for its own performance improvement?

Our Board Effectiveness Profile™ (BEP) helps board chairs and members capture real data on their individual member experiences to better understand the board’s decision making practices. Armed with real data, the board can benchmark itself with top FTSE boards and identify areas of risk and for improvement, increasing the probability of organizational success.

Support your board's performance with BEP™

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Other collaboration insights

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