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Thank you for your interest in our Personality Profile session. As Ghandi once said, “A leader’s success isn’t measured by the number of followers they have. It’s measured by the number of leaders they develop.” Many LBS alums accelerate their success by developing others’ skills using the same tools on the platform you’ve been using.

Whether you, your teams or your organization want to reach high-performance, these diagnostic tools, coaching services and development programs enable you to scale the use of the same data, facts and feedback practices taught at LBS and other top schools. We’ve curated a few resources here for your convenience and as an alumnae you have access to preferred rates.

Increased self-awareness improves leaddership impact

Self-awareness doesn’t have to be difficult

Understanding personality is essential for developing self-awareness, regardless of work experience. So we designed the most efficient scientifically validated personality profile based on the Five Factor Model of personality to help individuals understand their default preferences.

Whether a person is experiencing a good day, a bad day, or work in a team, our Big 5 Survey identifies the innate tendencies driving their behaviors. Then it generates 3 unique reports to help the person develop insights into their actions, their reactions to others and develop personal strategies to be themselves more with skill.

TalentSage Big 5 Reports

Leaders need feedback to lead

Understanding impact on others is essential

Leadership is a two-way street. Self-awareness is important, but a leader must also understand their impact on others to understand their own competence levels and avoid the Dunning-Kruger effect. Put simply, if a person’s self-perception is different from their impact on others, it’s hard for them to convince people to follow.

Whether traditionally- or positive psychology-based, 360º feedback is the best way to help people align their self-awareness with their actual impact on others. Better alignment helps everyone develop their leadership skills to their fullest potential and increase effectiveness for the firm.

Help everyone grow with 360º feedback

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Democratize leadership skill development

A range of tools for a range of business needs

Our range of development tools provides actionable insights into the way individuals, groups, boards, and organizations behave. Our surveys, services and support offer practical, scalable ways to develop everyone to enhance their performance and achieve their best, together. Whether just one or a few, we advise leaders how to get the most from these tools in your talent development practices.

Simplify leadership skill development in one platform

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Other personality related insights for LBS Alumnae

Interested in leveraging your LBS Alumnae status to increase your leadership impact or your team’s performance?

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