Talentsage, Wednesday 12 August 2020

In dialogue with Professor Randall Peterson

We asked Professor Randall Peterson why self-awareness is so important to both individuals and organizations.

Self-awareness is important for individuals because it…

  • Plays a critical role in one’s ability to achieve and be at one’s best
  • Is the single best predictor of how well you work with others
  • Provides a foundation for leadership skill development
  • Allows a person to be strategic about her/his career development and choices

Understanding personality is important for organizations because it…

  • Helps employers understand what kind of employee/colleague you are likely to be
  • Makes it easier to understand if a person’s value align with the organization’s values
  • Plays a critical role in helping employees develop their individual skills
  • Provides insights into group dynamics, team effectiveness, and interactions between group members
  • Enables colleagues to deepen their understanding of and nurture their working relationships
  • Allows an organization to tailor a person’s working experience to her/his needs