Built for scale

Virtual delivery services driven by experts.

Tailored service packages

Pick and mix support to suit your needs and budget.

Designed for busy people

Personalize the experience for your business.

We simplify and reduce your work

Two levels to make your work easier

Helping others build skills takes a lot of work. We offer a range of different services and support to supplement your own. Each of our tools includes our core services to eliminate logistics and administrative headaches and make things easier for you.

Consider our “a la carte” range of premium services if you want more strategic help or need to supplement your learning & development team. Whether a little or a lot, we can design a package to suit your needs and accomplish your objectives.


TalentSage Core Services

We recognize that learning is complex and requires a range of services to be successful. This is why we have designed TalentSage as a Learning-as-a-Service. To ensure you get the benefit of the investment you make and can extend that investment to everyone, we include the following in all our projects.

  • Tailored questions
  • Tailored communications
  • Train-your-administrators
  • Project management
  • Customer experience support desk
  • 24×7 support

TalentSage Premium Services

For those who need more, we also offer a range of additional services that can be included, a la carte. To ensure you get the benefit of the investment you make and can extend that investment to everyone, we can add the following to our clients’ projects on an as-needed basis.

  • Competency framework
  • 360º surveys
  • Custom programs
  • Branding (white-labeling)
  • Research for faculty and companies
  • Impact reports
  • Train-your-trainers
  • Leadership coaches
  • Accreditation for your coaches

Our services in detail

Determine the services you need

Each team has its own strengths and challenges, not to mention budget. We know that sometimes you just need a little extra support to bring your vision to life.

Choose the right combination of extras you need to create the impact you want to have. You don’t have to choose forever, just choose what you need to get THIS job done and switch when your circumstances do…and they all do sooner or later.

TalentSage Services


Tailor the look & feel

Branding matters. So go ahead and personalize it!


Let us tailor the platform, messages, and communications to suit your brand guidelines and reinforce your development investment with our white-labelled platform options.

Tailored questions

Use your own competencies or values in our 360º and Professional Strengths Accelerator™ surveys to create a feedback culture aligned with your organization’s objectives.

Tailored communications

“Tone of voice” matters. Our automated communications can be tailored to help you help others give feedback and get the work done fast while staying on message.

Custom design

Competency, survey & program design

We can create or rethink the design of your strategic development frameworks.

Competency framework

Our PhDs can help you design a competency framework that is built on current talent management and development research and aligned your strategic capability requirements.

360º survey design

Our learning experts can advise or convert your target competencies and behaviors into meaningful 360º questions and insightful question types to increase the survey’s impact.

Custom programs

Need more than an evidence-based starting point? Our learning PhDs and practitioners can help design and deliver a unique experience to achieve the impact you want.

Learning services

You can choose your level of service

Decide how much you need and spend more time supporting your people.

Project management

Our delivery team uses project management tools and practices to set-up, launch, and oversee user completion to ensure on-time, on-budget, and high-quality delivery without all the hassle.

Customer support desk

Not everyone understands technology and learning tools. Our 24×7 customer experience team helps all users adopt blended learning so they can focus on their own development.

Leadership coaches

We can supplement your team with a range of experienced executive coaches working with top business schools and companies and accredited in our tools.


Training to supplement your resources

We can help you develop your own resources and delivery capabilities.


Although we do the set-up for you, we train your learning administrators on the process and progress dashboard so they can stay informed.


Let us help your trainers build their report debriefing skills with our customized training services.


Qualified coaches interested in using our tools can acquire tool-specific knowledge and skills required through our accreditation courses.

Research, analysis, and impact

We can support your research activities

Develop insights with our anonymized data services for supporting researchers.

Faculty research

We make data analysis easy for researchers. Faculty use our tools to get simple anonymized data sets to further their 4-star journal research while ensuring GDPR practices.

Custom research

We create scientific quality research reports based on your results to help you analyze data, uncover insights, and demonstrate the impact to support investment decisions.

Impact reports

We help you determine the impact of your development efforts with our easy to run, automated surveys.