Why get accredited?

Why get accredited?

We believe everyone should have access to top leadership development tools used at leading business schools. Our accreditation process puts the power in your hands. Get equipped with the knowledge, skills, and expertise you need to use our tools in your work or coaching practice to improve people’s careers and lives.

  • Learn to interpret and feedback personality profiles
  • Understand the 5 Super Traits and 30 sub-traits of the most widely validated personality measure
  • Interpret personality through 3 lenses: individual, team roles and under pressure
  • Empower people to be themselves more, with skill
TalentSage Get Accredited

On demand

An accreditation process to fit your schedule, not ours

Blended learning

Individual and group sessions

Learning community

Join a community for a range of resources

Blended Learning process

How does accreditation work?

Get accredited to use our tools in 2 steps while learning at your own pace. We blend asynchronous and synchronous learning to provide a rich, yet flexible, accreditation process. Gain the knowledge we require for using our reports to coach others by completing:

Step 1: Online course – Dive into the background and theory of the Five Factor Model, the globally recognized gold standard for personality.  Understand the science of reliable and valid personality profiles, including the structure of our 5 STePTM personality profile, how it differs from other reports in the market, the interplay between Super Traits and sub-traits, and how to interpret the results. (Asynchronous – Online; at your own pace)

Step 2: Exams – Demonstrate and validate your mastery of the core concepts of the respective personality report and interpretations for use in your work or coaching.  You will need to achieve a score of 90% or better for successful completion and to gain accredited status. However, you can take the course as many times as you wish.

Part A: Group virtual exercise and observation – Join other practitioners and one of our expert accredited coaches to debrief a report in an observed session. (Synchronous – Online Group; Scheduled)

Part B: Written exam – Validate your mastery of the range of knowledge and interpretation of the respective personality profile. (Asynchronous – Virtual Individual; On demand)

Upon successful completion

The interactive content and activities of our accreditation process ensure you leave confident to apply our Five Factor Based personality profiles in your coaching work. On successful completion, you will:

  • Become an accredited TalentSage practitioner
  • Be able to accurately interpret and articulate an individual personality profile
  • Empower your coachees’ to achieve their potential
  • Unlock a range of benefits such as preferential rates, access to a range of materials for ease-of-use in your coaching and network with a global community of coaches to share best practice and extend your knowledge and application
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Build your portfolio of diagnostic tools

Our flexible and intensive approach is designed for those who want to coach others using any of our Five Factor Model-based personality profiles. Use our modular accreditation process to add to your qualifications incrementally, increasing your technical knowledge, expertise, and credentials.

  • Learn to apply and interpret the basics of personality using the 5 STeP™, our individual personality profile derived from the Five Factor Model.
  • Add unique skills for any of our additional reports
  • TIPping Point ProfileTM to help an individual identify their team role preferences and contribution to the group’s effectiveness
  • Pressure Point ProfileTM to describe an individual’s strengths that can become barriers in times of stress and potential derailers to their success
  • Values Fit ProfileTM to identify an individual’s motivating and/or cultural values and better understand their behavioral drivers

Design the package that works for you and get trained in the tools you need, when you need them.

Applicant qualifications

Who is it for?

Insights from personality profiles can impact individuals and organizations profoundly. To ensure profiles are used appropriately, ethically, and to a high standard, we require user qualification via our accreditation program if not part of an academic learning experience. Our pre-requisites, application requirements, course, practice, and assessment validate the knowledge and skills required of anyone using them.

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Support for your journey

Learning is better shared

To help embed your knowledge, we strongly recommend you dedicate at least one hour a week to share and discuss insights, questions and application of concepts with your colleagues or other coaches. Learning from others’ views will help refine your understanding and highlight any questions for deeper exploration.

A learning partner or someone to hold you accountable can help you stay on track and reach your objectives. Of course, we’re here to help guide and nudge you too.

Get 10% each if you and a colleague register together
TalentSage Shared learning

Belong to a community

Resources for accredited users

We believe in the importance of sharing knowledge and expertise. We are passionate about what we do and never stop learning ourselves. This is why we are creating a community space for those accredited to access the latest resources, share insights, and discuss the application of our tools.

Contact us to learn more about our community of like-minded individuals who continue to grow their expertise by sharing their knowledge and experience using our tools.

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We’ve listed the most common questions below, but if you don’t find what you’re looking for, send us a note and we’ll get you the information you need.

How much does accreditation cost?

Becoming accredited is usually part of a bigger ambition. Contact us to discuss your needs and see if accreditation is right for you.

When can I start?

We’ve built blended courses with the today’s situation in mind. Complete the course whenever you like and join the live sessions that meet your schedule.

Do I need certain qualifications to be eligible for accreditation?

We don’t accredit coaches, just your use of the tools. So, candidates for accreditation will need to have one to two years’ facilitation and/or coaching experience already.

How do I register?

We speak with everyone before they sign up. So, give us your contact details and we’ll get in touch to learn more about your needs.

Is there work to complete after the course?

Yes, studying is only part of the training. Mastering the tools requires practice, demonstration of your knowledge and confirmation of your knowledge through an assessment.