Great teams & boards are deliberate

Research shows that without understanding, effort, and practice, groups are unlikely to perform at their peak. Our data-driven tools help members and directors develop a deeper understanding of their individual role preferences and interpersonal dynamics to identify opportunities for improving their effectiveness in working together. Each tool will help:

  • Uncover an individual’s role preferences
  • Increase the person’s self-awareness of her/his contributions in a team
  • Provide personalized plus comparative data into working practices
  • Deliver actionable reports to support your performance objectives
  • Help others think critically about their teamwork and collaboration skills
  • Identify development needs and actions to achieve high-performance

Scalable insights

Easily compare individuals and group

Teams/boards expertise

Designed by world-class team scholars

Interpersonal dynamics

Analyze patterns for high-performance

Find the right team tools for the right outcomes, in one place

Teams need constant data to diagnose, understand, and continuously build team working skills. But, they also need an efficient, effective and meaningful way to bring the skill development process into their team or board work. Join up feedback and insights in one, easy-to-use platform.

User cases for improving group performance

Teams and boards use our tools to reach peak-performance

Individuals must work together toward a common goal if the team or board is to achieve its objectives.  Whether team, group or board, collaboration is a pre-requisite for high-performance today. Our tools help diagnose and align the ways of working to create a positive impact.

Discover more examples of how coaches, learning and development professionals and organizations have used TalentSage to improve their teams’ and board’s performance.

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Many ways to support you

We support blended, online and in-person learning experiences. Our tools are flexible and can be adapted to your competency frameworks and program designs. The look and feel can be tailored to your organization’s brand guidelines and communications to your style. All our tools come with a full-service setup.  In just a few minutes, we can help you co-create the right service solution for you.

Use our coach network

Our network of qualified coaches hails from top business schools and organizations. Whether virtual, blended or in-person, if you don’t have your own coaches, engage some of ours.

Train your trainers

We offer accreditation, training and coach resources to ensure your trainers and coaches have the knowledge and skills they need to use our tools effectively.

Expert network

Whether you need a custom or off-the-shelf learning module, our top-business school faculty can teach learning modules using your data to help achieve your business objectives.

Articles for team and board development

Insights for teams

Explore our articles to gain a deeper understanding and practical advice about how teams can improve the dynamics between individuals, how to make better group decisions making and the pros and cons of different leadership styles.

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