Get deeper insights for team success

Understanding individual and group working preferences can make the difference between a functional and dysfunctional team. Our team tools help individuals understand their natural team preferences and discover ways to bring their best to the group.

Team Development Tools

Use data to gain insights

Help individuals gain insights into their preferred contributions and opportunities for growth while enabling managers with data to align team skills with objectives and achieve high-performance.

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Personal Values Tool

Motivation and team fit are critical for high-performance

Individuals often have difficulty identifying their personal values. But, research shows that sharing the same values plays a role in high-performing teams.

Our Values Fit Profile™ helps individuals discover their individual values and relative importance to the person. By understanding these values, team members gain insights into their fit with the team. Managers can use the group’s data to identify values patterns to accelerate the path to high-performance.

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Impact Tool

Building self-development as a skill

Our impact analysis helps individuals and groups identify improvements resulting from their learning and development efforts. Simply repeat a survey and our impact report will help you determine the improvements made between the initial and subsequent survey.

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TalentSage Impact Tools

Continuous Learning Tools

Intentional skill development helps high-performing teams

Not everyone prefers or knows how to work in a team. Yet, teams need specific skills and preferences to achieve their objectives and individuals need growth opportunities.

The Professional Development Navigator™ helps individuals and managers alike, deliberately and effectively use the professional development process to identify and build any additional skills required for personal or team success. Empower team members to take control of their learning, build the skills they need to help the team achieve high-performance.

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Get accredited

If you are responsible for developing teams or the individuals inside them, accreditation can help you gain the confidence you need to lead. Our accreditation course ensures you understand and apply the tools to the standards of knowledge and skills for anyone debriefing groups on the use of TalentSage tools.

Our blended, multi-media courses taught by those who developed the tools, ensure you are fully equipped with the knowledge, skills and expertise you need to facilitate profound insights and accelerate people’s careers and success. 


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If you want to increase your impact on teams or boards, accreditation may be right for you.

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