Deliberate development for organizational performance

The way people get work done matters. Shared ways of working don’t happen on their own. A group’s dynamics can make or break the organization’s ability to achieve its collective ambitions strategic goals.

Deeper insights into working practices

Fit with the organization is key to team & board effectiveness

By analyzing and comparing individual’s views of your organization’s dynamics and culture, leaders, managers and employees can make sense of how their own experience fits with others across the wider organization. Use our organizational development tools to shine a light on everyday working practices that help or hinder your organization’s success through a deeper and data-driven understanding of its strategic and cultural alignment.


Talent Sage Organizational Fit

Power of positive culture

Does your organization know its superpowers?

Organizations are filled with talent, yet they don’t know how to help people map their strengths to their work. So how can organizations help individuals align their strengths with its vision in order to unleash the power of high-performance?

Based on evidence from positive psychology and employee engagement our Professional Strengths Accelerator™ helps organization help employees’ discover their superpowers in the context of their work, finding ways to unleash the potential in both.

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Talent Sage Positive Psychology

Person-Organization Fit Tools

Aligning for high-performance

Many individuals often have difficulty identifying their personal values. Yet, research shows that value alignment between individuals and the organization is often regarded as the secret sauce of high-performance. But, misalignment can cause serious problems. At scale, alignment is even more challenging.

Our Values Fit Profile™ helps organizations map employee values and understand the value patterns throughout. Individuals get to compare their personal values with their colleagues to understand their motivations, behaviors, and fit with other employees. Group-level data give managers insight into value patterns and differences so they may formulate better strategies for motivating and inspiring their groups to high-performance.

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TalentSage Values

Continuous Learning Tool

Build a learning culture

CEOs say that the ability to learn is one of the most critical skills needed for the future working environment. But, although people learn from the day they are born, they rarely focus on building their learning ability. To help individuals take responsibility for their own development and allow organizations to build a learning culture, we’ve created the Professional Development Navigator™.

Now organizations can empower everyone to bring learning into their day job. Organizational leaders, HR, and L&D professionals can access high-level data to determine skill development investments for ever-changing strategic needs as well as gauge their organization’s commitment to continuous learning and improvement.

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TalentSage Continuous_Learning

Learning impact tool

Demonstrate improvement

Our impact analysis helps organizations identify improvements resulting from their learning and development efforts. Simply repeat a survey and our impact report will help you determine the improvements made between the initial and subsequent survey.

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TalentSage Impact Tools

Get Accredited

If you are responsible for developing teams or the individuals inside them, accreditation can help you gain the confidence you need to lead. Our accreditation course ensures you understand and apply the tools to the standards of knowledge and skills for anyone debriefing groups on the use of TalentSage tools.

Our blended, multi-media courses taught by those who developed the tools, ensure you are fully equipped with the knowledge, skills and expertise you need to facilitate profound insights and accelerate people’s careers and success.

Interested in accreditation?

If you want to improve an organization’s performance, accreditation could help you lead the charge.

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