Growing soft skills

Developing soft skills requires informed and deliberate practice. But most people rarely get science-based training to develop these skills. To work well with others, people need ways to develop 3 perspectives:

  1. self-awareness – one’s own similarities and differences
  2. impact on others – how others experience her/him
  3. outcomes – impact of her/his behavior others

It’s hard for people to target specific skills without self-awareness, feedback or reflection. And if an organization’s people can’t grow, they’ll stagnate. Job satisfaction will dwindle. Colleagues will look for other opportunities.


Self-awareness tools

Personality is key to self-awareness

Research shows that personality is critical for helping anyone develop self-awareness, regardless of their work experience. So we created a scientifically validated personality profile to help individuals understand their personality preferences based on the Five Factor Model of personality.

Whether it’s someone on a good day, a bad day or in a team, our Big 5 Survey helps identify the innate preferences and tendencies that drive an individual’s behaviors. This survey enables individuals to develop insights into their actions and reactions to others as well as devise personal strategies to be themselves more with skill.

TalentSage personality self-awareness

Reflective feedback tools

Discover the power of feedback

The journey of self-development can be hard work for a lot of individuals. Having felt this ourselves, we designed our feedback tools to encourage development-minded individuals and organizations alike, to hold the mirror up to themselves.  Use our tools to help leaders consider their impact on others, discover blind spots and find their own leadership superpower.

Choose the tool based on the method you know is right for your group’s need, traditional 360º feedback or stories describing leaders at their best.

TalentSage reflective feedback

Personal values tool

Motivation and team fit are critical to high performance

Individuals find it difficult to identify their personal values. If they don’t know their own, how can they determine their fit with a team’s or an organization’s values?  Our Values Fit Profile™ helps individuals determine their personal values and develop an understanding of the impact their values have on their motivation and ultimately their fit with an organization.

Find out more about our Values Fit Profile™
TalentSage Core_Values

Impact tool

Building self-development as a skill

Our Impact Analysis™ helps individuals identify improvements resulting from their learning and development efforts. Simply repeat a survey and our impact report will help you determine the improvements made between the initial and subsequent survey.

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TalentSage Impact

Continuous learning tools

Help people build intentional development as a skill

When people are pressed for time, finding time for professional development can be tough.  We’ve created the Professional Development Navigator™ tool to help individuals build the habit of learning to build skills. Starting with need identification, followed by setting a goal, plotting a path to achieve it, experimenting, collecting feedback, adjusting and celebrating accomplishments along the way, it guides individuals to take control of their professional development journey.

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TalentSage Continuous_Learning

Get accredited

If you are responsible for developing teams or the individuals inside them, accreditation can help you gain the confidence you need to lead. Our accreditation course ensures you understand and apply the tools to the standards of knowledge and skills for anyone debriefing groups on the use of TalentSage tools.

Our blended, multi-media courses taught by those who developed the tools, ensure you are fully equipped with the knowledge, skills and expertise you need to facilitate profound insights and accelerate people’s careers and success. 

Interested in accreditation?

If you want to increase your positive impact on individuals, accreditation may be right for you.

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