Our Purpose

Very few of us have the time to do all the development we want. 

At TalentSage, we guide you to focus on those parts of your learning which will impact you the most. 

We identify behaviours which are great as well as those behaviours which you could improve (which we all have!)

and finally, we support you on how to work better, together as a team.


This is what we aim for:

Putting people and their self development first

We make the learning experience easy for everyone involved.

To create meaningful and relevant learning journeys

To help busy people who want to learn, we have created the tools to give evidence backed insights on where to start and what to focus on.

A fun and supportive work environment

Our work is based on trust and transparency, always working as a team to focus on the best ways to help people learn.

Our Philosophy

Founded in 2014 by a globally acclaimed learning expert and a world leading academic, TalentSage has a main objective: to discover and develop leadership strengths that empower people and organizations.

We deliver learning to people across the globe to ensure that they start their learning the right way. Our tools provide all the evidence you need and a path for new actions and new behaviours.

Our insights are based on academic research as well analysis of large amounts of data sets.

Our Team

We are a team of leadership development experts, designers, developers and academics bringing the best learning tools to some of the busiest teams in the world.

We are passionate about:

  • People Development
  • Leadership & Talent Development 
  • and helping people work better, together…


Science is our ethos. We believe that science shapes learning for the better and we put our research to work for you.

We favour facts over feeling. We know evidence matters, but you don’t have to be a scientist to help people grow. 

Our research offers powerful insights to inspire good leaders to become great leaders.


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